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Altos Solutions, Inc. is pleased to support COME HOME with enabling oncology practices with OncoEMR® to further support the mission of COME HOME. Altos is honored to be part of this effort to bring very high value, evidence-based, oncology care to patients.Altos, developer of OncoEMR, an oncology-specific, browser-based electronic medical record (EMR) with integrated technology for SeeYourChart™ patient portal, OncoBilling® for medical billing, and AltosINSIGHT™ and Reimbursement PRO™ for comparative oncology analytics, is committed to enhancing cancer care. OncoEMR eases workflows to allow more time and focus on patient care. SeeYourChart is secure and easy for patients to use in viewing their specific medical information when first reviewed and released by the physician. Patients can authorize access to their medical information for family members, caregivers, and physicians that aid improving communications and understanding of the patient’s status and treatment.OncoEMR, used by more than 160 oncology practices in the US and more than 1,200 oncology providers, provides capabilities to include bidirectional data communications in the patient’s continuity of care document (CCD). Altos, in providing oncology-specific technology and the required functionality by oncologists, contributes to the goal of COME HOME to improve health outcomes, enhance patient care experiences and significantly reduce costs of care by keeping patients out of the emergency department and hospital as much as possible.

The mission of COME HOME will be achieved by “improving timeliness and coordination of care” and that can only be achieved through clinical information management (CIM). OncoEMR is the leading innovator in CIM by achieving a remarkable, market-leading pace of technology integration. OncoEMR was the first oncology-specific EMR to be certified for supporting Meaningful Use measurements, have e-prescribing, integrate to iPhone and Android applications, and the first to run on the iPad.

SeeYourChart™, patient portal used by practices with OncoEMR, is complimentary to oncology practices with OncoEMR and provides secure access to the patient’s selected medical information only when released by the physician. Patients, by using their unique password and logging into their medical information as selected and released by the physician, have enabled viewing of the selected patient information necessary to meet the COME HOME requirements for patient education envisioned in the project.

Real time communication across the spectrum of health care providers involved in patient care will be accomplished utilizing OncoEMR to send and receive standardized, patient specific information in a secure environment. Altos provides this functionality to present the information to the physicians at the right time and for the right patient.

For more information about OncoEMR and the benefit of use in supporting oncology practices in COME HOME and the continuing innovation of OncoEMR, visit or call 888-OncoEMR (888-662-6367).