KEW Group’s mission is to bring Personalized Medicine to routine clinical practice. KEW Group, working with community and academic oncologists, geneticists, pathologists, payers and public policy specialists has developed an approach to bring Personalized Medicine to cancer care within established outpatient centers. They are developing an infrastructure to support a network of cancer care centers with the best medical, administrative, and information technology tools to deliver Personalized Medicine to cancer patients across the country, and practices of all sizes, for the first time. This will be made possible by leveraging KEW’s proprietary Personalized Medicine platform. KEW is developing therapeutic pathways (TPx) and incorporating state-of-the-art genomic information that will enable the efficient delivery of the highest quality clinical care in the community oncology care setting.

KEW Group will be working with the 7 selected oncology practices participating in the COME HOME Program, a 19.8 Million grant awarded to Innovative Oncology Business Solutions, Inc. (IOBS). They will provide diagnostic and therapeutic pathways based on molecular data critical to characterization of the tumor along with an ongoing assessment of evidence evaluating current and best treatment options. Pathways for seven cancer types will be included in the study grant; they are lung, breast, colon, melanoma, pancreas, lymphoma and thyroid.

The seven oncology practices participating in the IOBS grant have become the first members of the KEW Oncology Network. This Network enables community oncologists to participate in the development and utilization of KEW’s oncology therapeutic pathways. KEW Group is actively recruiting additional oncology practices and hospitals to join its Network to enable more widespread use of evidence based molecular markers for cancer diagnostics and treatment in the community setting.

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