safety precautions

While receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, your platelets may be temporarily reduced, causing:

  • BRUISING: Dark, purple areas under the skin
  • PETECHIAE: Small, pinpoint, non-raised, round purple-red spots.
  • BLEEDING: Excessive or prolonged opening in the body (mouth, nose, gums, rectum, etc.), and from cuts and scratches. Urine may turn rusty or brown; bowel movements may be very dark or black.

If Your Doctor Says Your Platelets Are Low, Protect Yourself:

  • USE: An electric razor, no blades. Gloves while gardening. Special care when using sharp objects such as knives, scissors or pins
  • MAINTAIN INTEGRITY OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES: Drink plenty of fluids use of stool softener’s daily. Avoid hard nose blowing. Humidify the air. Use lotion on your skin. Moisten nose and lips with lubricant. Use water soluble lubricant prior to sexual activity
  • AVOID THESE: Aspirin and aspirin-containing products Tylenol is OK. Read Labels. Activities with the potential for bodily injury such as contact sports, and power tools.
  • IV SITES: Apply firm, gentle pressure for at least 5 minutes after all needle sticks to prevent scarring of the vein and promote clotting.
  • DIETARY: Include high protein, high calorie foods and beverages  which are necessary to build blood cells.